About The Club

Nobody can really remember how it all began !

Was it a few friends sitting around discussing their common interest in the sport of spearfishing over a few cold ones’, or perhaps the need for individuals to pit their skills against each other in healthy competition, or maybe the need for like minded individuals to stand together as an association, in order to have a voice against ill-informed lawmakers trying to impose certain limitations for their own financial gain!

Nevertheless, what cannot be disputed is the formation of the Hibiscus Underwater Club was of great importance in order to unite those sharing a common interest in the sea and the harvesting of the marine life that abounds therein!

Founded in September 2003, HUC draws its membership from Umkomaas to Port Edward and inland to Kokstad, an area of approximately 3000sq km. The main focus is underwater fishing, but underwater hockey, cray fishing,  free diving and marine aquarium keeping are also covered. In essence, anyone with a love for the ocean and the activities in and around it is welcome.

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