Why Join the club

By joining the Hibiscus Underwater Club or HUC for short, you become part of a group of like-minded people who all have a passion for the ocean. This means that a diving partner, information on water conditions and what fish have been coming out or even a spot on a boat is only a phone call or message away.
HUC help train newcomers to the sport, assist with choosing and rigging your gear and point people new to the area in the right direction.
Family is also very important, so spouses and kids are always welcome at all events. Kids under 18 automatically become junior members for free when a parent is a full member.
HUC also hosts a monthly internal club competition, called the Monthly Mug, the annual Hibiscus Gamefish Open and numerous social events, like Crayfishing competitions/braais, monthly meetings and seafood evenings to name a few.
For the competitive divers, HUC also provides the means for the divers to earn provincial colours and take part in the national championships.
HUC has a WhatsApp group to simplify communication with its members, a website and also a Facebook page
Your membership to HUC also has a few added benefits:
Discount on all Freedivers products and 10% discount on all other products from Freedivers – South Coast.
10% discount on IT support and sales from Werner IT Solutions.
10% discount on sales and service from Pool Proud Services.
This list will grow as we negotiate more benefits…

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